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Support With Exams

It is important to remember that all children approach exams and revision in their own particular way.

As a parent you can support your child by being there for them and encouraging them to talk about their feelings and fears. Arrange some downtime for them in between the exams so they can fully recharge before the next exam. Having some balance is very important and can help them manage their stress and anxiety levels. 

There are some things you can do to help your child such as

- allowing them to have a comfortable place to work and study which is quiet

- encourage them to keep a regular sleep schedule

- make time to talk to them about about how they are feeling 

After each exam, allow them the opportunity to talk about how they have done and allow them to do the talking while you listen. Encourage them not to dwell on mistakes they may have felt they have made. They may want some space to compare notes with other friends. You may want to share your experiences of exams as this may reassure them. 

Here is a handy guide offering further tips and support on how to help your child manage exam stress and anxiety.


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